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Indoor Fiber Optic Cable

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LSZH/PVC/TPU Zipcord Fiber Optic Cable

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The Zipcord interconnect cable uses 600m or 900m tight buffered fibre as optical communication medium, the tight buffered fibre wrapped with a layer of aramid yarn as strength member, and the cable is completed with a figure 8 outer sheath.


1Two buffers are distinguished by the color; the chromatogram is decided by the customer  

2.Excellent flexibility and facilitate to link

3.Excellent mechanical performance

4.Excellent temperature performance 

5.Excellent flame-retardant performance and free to choose different flame-retardant grades sheath

6.Limited shrinkage

7.Different fiber types available

8.Figure 8 sheath is easy for stripping

9.Special dimension available on request  

Installation Indoor, Tube inside, Equipment Interior

ApplicationsFor direct connector assembly, interconnect between instruments, communication equipments

StandardsYD/T 1285.3 / IEC 60794-2-50

Temperature RangeTransportation-25~+70Installation-5~+45In use-20~+70

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