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Indoor Fiber Optic Cable

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LSZH/PVC/TPU Simplex Fiber Optic Cable

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The simplex cable uses a single 600m or 900m tight buffered fibre as optical communication medium. The tight buffered fibre wrapped with a layer of aramid yarn as strength member, and the cable is completed with an outer sheath.


1.Excellent flexibility

2.Excellent mechanical performance

3.Excellent temperature performance 

4.Excellent flame-retardant performance and free to choose different flame-retardant grades sheath

5.Limited shrinkage

6.Different fibre types available 

7.Special dimension available on request

InstallationIndoor, Tube inside, Equipment Interior

ApplicationsFor direct connector assembly, interconnect between instruments, communication equipments, 

directly used on the device's components

StandardsYD/T 1285.2 / IEC 60794-2-50

Temperature RangeTransportation-25~+70Installation-5~+45In use-20~+70

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