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Ten methods for Submarine Cables installation
Release date:2023-6-22   The number of clicks:2323

(1)Check if the operation of all kinds of machinery for installation is normal, if the electrical equipment safe and reliable. In case there is any abnormal fault, it should be removed.
(2)When the cable to be installed by the machinery, a twisting preventer should be mounted between the pull-off head or steel-wire net-sleeve and pill-off steel cable.
(3)The side pressure which the cable is subject to during installation must be less than 600 kg/m.
(4)When the cable is installed by the machinery, the pull-off force should not exceed the cable maximum pull-off force:
(5)The allowable minimum bending radius of the cable will be 25 times of the cable diameter.
(6)During installation the deviation between the cable installation bearing and the planed cable route should be measured regularly, and corrected at all times, so as to assure the cable being installed along the predetermined route.
(7)It is advised to plot a relief map of the cable installation route, correct the position of the cable laying ship during installation at all times, and record the position of the installed cable. In the same time the installation tension should be paid attention. After the cable entering the sea-water the pay-off length of the cable and the laying distance should be checked and adjusted at all times. Do your possible to avoid the cable laid in sea-water being over tightened (Once the cable forms a catenary status due to its suspension it  will become the places where the cable is subject to local damage), or over lax (having  a tendency of kink). A slight tension is necessary during the cable being installed. And the cable entrance angle into the sea-water should be varied according to the different water depth and ship speed.
(8)Generally the installation depth of submarine cables is between 1.5-2.0 m.
(9)The laying pay-off stand should let the minimum untwisting height of the cable not less than  1/2  drum  winding  length.  After  the  installation  finished,  it   is necessary to send divers diving into the sea-water to check if there is any kink along the route. If finding any kink, the cable should be straightened.
(10)As for the pull-off burial-laying method of the submarine cable, a pull-off hoister is provided in the construction ship. The hoister takes-up the pull-off steel cable which is pre-buried in the axis of the cable route, so as to pull the burial-laying construction ship moving forward. The heading deviation of the construction ship is corrected by the construction tugboat. Behind the stern of the burial-laying construction ship, the underwater burial machine is pulled off simultaneously, the cable entering the burial machine through a cable guiding cage then be buried deeply in the seabed.
In summary, the installation of Submarine cable shall have the detailed plan and the professional team to implementation the water works. SL communication offers high quality submarine cables and custom service for your specific applications, including cables with different fiber count and type, different cable characteristics, and in different application space. Beside the submarine cables, we also provide other types of  optic fiber cables