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The first high rate Trans-Asia-Europe-Line construction
Release date:2017/11/9   The number of clicks:659

Nov. 7th, 2017, the Russian telecommunications company TransTeleCom announced that the construction of Trans-Asia-Europe-Line from China to Baykalsk, Russia has successfully completed.
It is reported that the land optical cable system is jointly funded by Russia TransTeleCom and China Telecom and it's a new 100G network interconnection project linking the two countries' border areas.
At the beginning of this year, TransTeleCom company completed to transfer its main business into Long Haul DWDM technology. 20000km LH DWDM network provides more than 80pcs 100G optical data transmission channels.
It is reported that this is the world's first high speed Trans-Asia-Europe-Line system that connects China and Europe. In the future, it will also connect with Frankfurt,  Germany from Russia's this existing optical cable system.
Moreover, the system will also provide alternative lines for the current submarine optical fiber cable system which connecting Asia and Europe to meet the increasing demand for data transmission in Eurasia.